Screened T-Shirts

See a SCREENPRINTED tee out of stock in your size? You'll need to watch our Instagram for a reprint. Each week we choose 2-3 designs to reprint and you can request any color or size that you want during the preorder. MOST shirts get a reprint 1-2x a year so you'll want to plan ahead and watch for the preorders. Do this by ringing the BELL on our INSTAGRAM profile!

We have a GENERAL idea when each design will go back into production so feel free to reach out and ask! The preorders are the ONLY way to get a youth size, a vneck, a longsleeve, a sweatshirt, a 4X or 5X, a TYE DYE tee, etc in a screen tee because we have to know about it before going into production! Chances are good that there is a preorder going on right now so check INSTAGRAM to see if it's the shirt you are wanting!

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