Collect one or collect them all. These 4" doodle magnets are strong enough to stay on your car and cute enough to dress up your refrigerator, locker or room! Follow our Instagram for opportunities to collect RARE magnets not sold in the shop! 


Each month on the first day, we release a NEW Magnet-of-the-month. There are 3 ways to collect this magnet: 

1. To WIN it (Online contests)

2. Find it (Magnet drops in the parks) 

3. To make a qualifying purchase on a MAGNET-OF-THE-MONTH day (You would need to follow us on INSTAGRAM to find out when these occur because they are random, but we do have FOUR of them each month. 

PRIZE - Collect all 12 MAGNETS-OF-THE-MONTH in a calendar year and you will be mailed a prize (A 13th RARE collectors Magnet) *** In 2021 - we had over 60+ people complete this challenge!